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1987 C3 E&M
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1988 C1 E&M
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1988 C2 E&M
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1988 C3 E&M
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1989 C3 E&M
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1991 C3 E&M
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1993 C1 E&M
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1993 C2 E&M
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1993 C3 E&M
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1994 B3
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1994 C1
1994 C1 E&M
1994 C2
1994 C2 E&M
1994 C3
1994 C3 E&M
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1995 B3
1995 B4
1995 B5
1995 B6
1995 B7
1995 C1
1995 C1 E&M
1995 C2
1995 C2 E&M
1995 C3
1995 C3 E&M
1996 B1
1996 B2
1996 B3
1996 B4
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1996 B6
1996 B7
1996 C1 E&M
1996 C2
1996 C2 E&M
1996 C3
1996 C3 E&M
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1997 C1 E&M
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1997 C2 E&M
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1997 C3 E&M
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1998 C2 E&M
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1998 C3 E&M
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1999 C3 E&M
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2000 C3 E&M
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2002 C1
2002 C1 E&M
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2002 C2 E&M
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2002 C3 E&M
2002 Form B - B1
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2002 Form B - B3
2002 Form B - B4
2002 Form B - B5
2002 Form B - B6
2002 Form B - B7
2003 B1
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2003 B4
2003 B5
2003 B6
2003 B7
2003 C1
2003 C1 E&M
2003 C2
2003 C2 E&M
2003 C3
2003 C3 E&M
2003 Form B - B1
2003 Form B - B2
2003 Form B - B3
2003 Form B - B4
2003 Form B - B5
2003 Form B - B6
2003 Form B - B7
2004 B1
2004 B2
2004 B3
2004 B4
2004 B5
2004 B6
2004 C1
2004 C1 E&M
2004 C2
2004 C2 E&M
2004 C3
2004 C3 E&M
2004 Form B - B1
2004 Form B - B2
2004 Form B - B3
2004 Form B - B4
2004 Form B - B5
2004 Form B - B6
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2005 C2 E&M
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2005 C3 E&M
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2005 Form B - B3
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2006 C2 E&M
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2006 C3 E&M
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2006 Form B - B1
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2006 Form B - B3
2006 Form B - B5
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2007 C3 E&M
2007 Form B - B1
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2007 Form B - B3
2007 Form B - B4
2007 Form B - B5
2007 Form B - B6
2007 Form B - B7
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2008 C2 E&M
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2008 C3 E&M
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2009 B4 Form B
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2009 Form B - B1
2009 Form B - B2
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2010 C1
2010 C1 E&M
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2010 C2 E&M
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2010 C3 E&M
2010 Form B - B1
2010 Form B - B2
2010 Form B - B3
2010 Form B - B4
2010 Form B - B5
2010 Form B - B6
2010 Form B - B7
2011 B1
2011 B1 Form B
2011 B2
2011 B2 Form B
2011 B3
2011 B3 Form B
2011 B4
2011 B4 Form B
2011 B5
2011 B5 Form B
2011 B6
2011 B6 Form B
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2012 B2
2012 B3
2012 B4
2012 B5
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2012 B7
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2013 B3
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2013 B7
2014 B1
2014 B2
2014 B3
2014 B4
2014 B5
2014 B6
2017 B7
Period of an Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field
Series and Parallel Circuits
2-Meter Stick Readings
A Battering Ram
A Photoelectric Effect Analogy
A Physical Pendulum, The Parallel Axis Theorem and A Bit of Calculus
A Sample Heat Engine
A Simple Microscope
Acceleration Down an Inclined Plane
Addition of Forces
Air Track Collisions
Aluminum Foil Parallel Plate Capacitors
Ballistic Pendulum
Ballistic Pendulum: Muzzle Velocity
Basic Particles
Blank Ray Diagrams for Converging Lenses
Blank Ray Diagrams for Converging, Concave, Mirrors
Blank Ray Diagrams for Diverging Lenses
Blank Ray Diagrams for Diverging, Convex, Mirrors
Bouncing Steel Spheres
Boyle's Law
Calculation of "g" Using Two Types of Pendulums
Circumference and Diameter
Coefficient of Friction
Coefficient of Friction
Coefficient of Kinetic Friction (pulley, incline, block)
Collision Pendulum: Muzzle Velocity
Conical Pendulums
Conical Pendulums
Conservation of Energy and Vertical Circles
Conservation of Momentum
Conservation of Momentum in Two-Dimensions
Cookie Sale Problem
Density of a Paper Clip
Density of an Unknown Fluid
Determining the Distance to the Moon
Determining the Distance to the Sun
Determining the Focal Length of a Converging Lens
Directions: Constructive and Destructive Interference
Diving Canisters
Doppler Effect: Source Moving
Electric Field Mapping
Electric Field Mapping 2
Eratosthenes' Measure of the Earth's Circumference
Experimental Radius
Falling Coffee Filters
Flow Rates
Foil Barge
Force Table - Force Vectors in Equilibrium
Forces Between Ceramic Magnets
Freefall Mini-Lab: Reaction Times
Freefall: Timing a Bouncing Ball
Frequency of Vibrating Strings
Galileo Ramps
Gravitational Field Strength
Home to School
Hydrogen Spectrum
Hydrogen Spectrum
Illuminance by a Light Source
Index of Refraction: Glass
Index of Refraction: Water
Indirect Measurements: Height by Measuring The Length of a Shadow
Indirect Measures: Inscribed Circles
Inelastic Collision - Velocity of a Softball
Inertial Mass
Interference Shading
InterState Map
Introductory Simple Pendulums
Kepler's 1st and 2nd Laws
LAB: Ramps - Accelerated Motion
Lab: Rectangle Measurements
Lab: Triangle Measurements
LabPro: Newton's 2nd Law
LabPro: Uniformly Accelerated Motion
Least Time Activity
Magnetic Field in a Solenoid
Man and the Mirror
Man and the Mirror: Sample Ray Diagram
Marble Tube Launcher
Mars' Lab
Mass of a Paper Clip
Mass of a Rolling Cart
Mass of an Electron
Mass of the Top Quark
Mirror Symmetry
Moment of Inertia of a Bicycle Wheel
Monkey and the Hunter Animation
Monkey and the Hunter Screen Captures
Newton's Law of Cooling and the Specific Heat of a Metal Specimen
Oscillating Springs
Parallel and Series Circuits
Pipe Music
Projectiles Released at an Angle
Quantized Mass
Radiation of a Metal Cylinder
Ramps: Sliding vs Rolling
Range of a Projectile
Ray Diagrams for Converging Lenses
Ray Diagrams for Converging Mirrors
Ray Diagrams for Diverging Lenses
Ray Diagrams for Diverging Mirrors
RC Time Constants
Reflection Gratings: Wavelength of a Helium-Neon Laser
Reflections of a Triangle
Relationship Between Tension in a String and Wave Speed
Relationship Between Tension in a String and Wave Speed Along the String
Resistance and Resistivity
Resistance, Gauge, and Resistivity of Copper Wires
Ripple Tank Checklists
Ripple Tank Checklists
Ripple Tank Sample Solutions
Ripple Tank Student Involvement Sheet
Roller Coaster, Projectile Motion, and Energy
Rotational Inertia
Rube Goldberg Challenge
Sand Springs
Simple Pendulums: Class Data
Simple Pendulums: LabPro Data
Specific Heat
Speed of a Wave Along a Spring
Speed of Sound in Air
Speed of Sound in Copper
Spherical Mirror Lab
Spring Carts
Static Equilibrium Lab
Static Springs: Hooke's Law
Static Springs: Hooke's Law
Static Springs: LabPro Data for Hooke's Law
Student Lens Lab
Target Lab: Ball Bearing Rolling Down an Inclined Plane
Target Practice - Revised
Telegraph Project
Terminal Velocity
Terminal Voltage of a Lantern Battery
The Size of the Moon
The Size of the Sun
Thermal Conductivity
Using Young's Equation - Wavelength of a Helium-Neon Laser
Video LAB: A Gravitron
Video Lab: Ball Bouncing Across a Stage
Video LAB: Ball Re-Bounding From a Wall
Video Lab: Blowdart Colliding with Cart
Video Lab: Cart Push #2 and #3
Video LAB: Circular Motion
Video Lab: Falling Coffee Filters
Video LAB: Looping Rollercoaster
Video Lab: M&M Collides with Pop Can
Video Lab: Marble Collides with Ballistic Pendulum
Video Lab: Two-Dimensional Projectile Motion
Video: Law of Reflection
Video: Law of Reflection Sample Diagram
Water Mixtures
Water Springs
Wheatstone Bridge
2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy
A Chart of Common Moments of Inertia
A Comparison of RC and RL Circuits
A Derivation of Snell's Law
A Derivation of the Formulas for Centripetal Acceleration
A Further Look at Angular Momentum
A Further Look at Impulse
A Guide to Biot-Savart Law
A Special Case of Induction
Accelerated Motion: A Data Analysis Approach
Accelerated Motion: Velocity-Time Graphs
Advanced Gravitational Forces
Advanced Satellites
Air Resistance
Air Resistance: Terminal Velocity
Ampere's Law
An Introduction to DC Circuits
An Outline: Dual Nature of Light and Matter
Analyzing SVA Graph Combinations
APC: Work Notation
Atomic Models and Spectra
Average Velocity - A Calculus Approach
Barrier Waves, Bow Waves, and Shock Waves
Basic Trigonometry
Basic Trigonometry Table
Beats: An Example of Interference
Capacitors and Dielectrics
Center of Mass
Centripetal Acceleration and Angular Motion
Chase Problems
Chase Problems: Projectiles
Comparing Constant Velocity Graphs of Position-Time & Velocity-Time
Conservation of Energy and Springs
Constant Velocity: Position-Time Graphs
Constant Velocity: Velocity-Time Graphs
Continuous Charge Distributions: Charged Rods and Rings
Continuous Charge Distributions: Electric Potential
Converging Lens Examples
Converging Lenses
Coulomb's Law: Beyond the Fundamentals
Coulomb's Law: Suspended Spheres
Curve Fitting Patterns
Demonstration: Infinite Images
Demonstration: Real Images
Demonstration: Virtual Images
Derivation of Bohr's Model for the Hydrogen Spectrum
Derivation of the Kinematics Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion
Derivation: Period of a Simple Pendulum
Derivatives: Instantaneous vs Average Velocities
Dielectrics: Beyond the Fundamentals
Dimensional Analysis
Directions: Flash Cards
Discrete Masses: Center of Mass and Moment of Inertia
Diverging Lenses
Double Lens Systems
Eddy Currents plus a Lab Simulation
Electric Field Strength vs Electric Potential
Electric Fields: Parallel Plates
Electric Fields: Point Charges
Electric Potential Energy: Point Charges
Electric Potential: Point Charges
Electricity and Magnetism Background
Electrostatics Fundamentals
Energy Conservation in Simple Pendulums
Energy-Level Diagrams
Famous Discoveries and Experiments
Famous Discoveries: Bohr Model
Famous Discoveries: de Broglie Matter Waves
Famous Discoveries: The Franck-Hertz Experiment
Famous Discoveries: The Photoelectric Effect
Famous Experiments: Cathode Rays
Famous Experiments: Davisson-Germer
Famous Experiments: Michelson-Morley
Famous Experiments: Millikan's Oil Drop
Famous Experiments: The Compton Effect
Famous Experiments: The Discovery of the Neutron
Fluids At Rest
Fluids In Motion
Forces Acting at an Angle
Freebody Diagrams
Freefall: Horizontally Released Projectiles (2D-Motion)
Freefall: Projectiles in 1-Dimension
Freefall: Projectiles Released at an Angle (2D-Motion)
Gauss' Law
Generators, Motors, Transformers
Gravitational Energy Wells
Gravitational Potential Energy
Heat Cycles
Hinged Board
Ideal Gases
Incandescent Solids and Radiation
Inclined Planes
Induced Electric Fields
Induced EMF
Inertial vs Gravitational Mass
Interference of Waves
Interference: In-phase Sound Sources
Introduction to Angular Momentum
Introduction to Magnetism
Introduction to Sound
Kepler's Laws
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Kirchhoff's Laws: Analyzing Circuits with Two or More Batteries
Kirchhoff's Laws: Analyzing DC Circuits with Capacitors
Law of Reflection
LC Circuit
Lensmaker Equation
Linear Momentum
Linear Regression and Data Analysis Methods
Magnetic Field Along the Axis of a Current Loop
Magnetic Forces on Particles (Part II)
Magnetism: Current-Carrying Wires
Maxwell's Equations
Mechanical Energy
Meters: Current-Carrying Coils
Metric Prefixes, Scientific Notation, and Conversions
Metric System Definitions
Metric Units of Measurement
Mirror Equation
Momentum and Energy
Monkey and the Hunter
Motional EMF
Newton's Laws of Motion
Non-constant Resistance Forces
Nuclear Reaction
Parallel Plate Capacitors
Period of a Pendulum
Physical Optics - Interference and Diffraction Patterns
Physical Optics - Thin Film Interference
Potential Energy Functions
Principal of Least Action
Properties of Friction
Properties of Lines
Properties of Plane Mirrors
Properties of Vectors
RC Time Constants
Refraction of Light
Refraction Phenomena
Resonance in Pipes
Resonance in Strings
Ripple Tank Video Guides
RL Circuits
Rolling and Slipping
Rotary Motion
Rotational Dynamics: Pivoting Rods
Rotational Dynamics: Pulleys
Rotational Dynamics: Rolling Spheres/Cylinders
Rotational Equilibrium
Rotational Kinematics
Rotational Kinetic Energy
Shells and Conductors
SHM Equations
Significant Figures and Scientific Notation
Simple Harmonic Motion
Snell's Law
Snell's Law: Derivation
Sound Level Intensity
Specific Heat
Speed of Waves Along a String
Spherical Mirrors
Spherical, Parallel Plate, and Cylindrical Capacitors
Springs and Blocks
Springs: Hooke's Law
State Variables
Static Equilibrium
Summary: Graph Shapes for Constant Velocity
Summary: Graph Shapes for Uniformly Accelerated Motion
SVA: Slopes and Area Relationships
Symmetries in Physics
Systems of Bodies
Tension Cases: Four Special Situations
The Doppler Effect
The Law of Universal Gravitation
Thermal Expansion
Thermodynamic Processes
Thin Lens Equation
Thin Rods: Center of Mass
Thin Rods: Moment of Inertia
Torque on a Current-Carrying Loop
Torque: An Introduction
Uniform Circular Motion: Centripetal Forces
Universal Gravitation and Satellites
Universal Gravitation and Weight
Vector Resultants: Average Velocity
Vectors and Scalars
Vertical Circles and Non-Uniform Circular Motion
Vibrating Systems - Simple Pendulums
Vibration Graphs
Wave Fundamentals
Waveform vs Vibration Graphs
What is Mass?
Work and Energy
Drill: Mechanics
Drill: Waves and Sound
Schaum's 11th Edition
Chapter 26: Sound
Course Objectives
Cumulative Review
Drill: Circular Motion
Drill: Common Variables
Drill: DC Circuits
Drill: Dynamics
Drill: Electrostatics
Drill: Induction
Drill: Kinematics
Drill: Magnetism
Drill: Metric System
Drill: Modern
Drill: Physical Optics
Drill: Projectiles
Drill: Reflection and Mirrors
Drill: Refraction and Lenses
Drill: Rotary Motion
Drill: SHM
Drill: Thermodynamics
Drill: Work and Energy
Electrostatics Point Charges Review
Honors Review: Waves and Introductory Skills
Mirror Properties
Physics I Honors: 2nd 9-week notebook
Physics I Review: Waves and Introductory Skills
Physics I: 2nd 9-week notebook
Pre-registration Survey
Review: Circular Motion and Universal Gravitation
Sample NY Regents Review Questions
Spherical Lens Properties
Test #1: APC Review Sheet
Waves and Sound
Waves and Sound
1994 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 1)
1994 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
1994 Physics Quiz Bowl (1-20)
1994 Physics Quiz Bowl (21-40)
1995 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 1)
1995 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
1995 Physics Quiz Bowl (1-20)
1995 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
1996 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 1)
1996 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
1996 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)
1996 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
1997 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 1)
1997 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
1997 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)
1997 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
1998 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 1)
1998 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
1998 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)
1998 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
1999 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 1)
1999 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
1999 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)
1999 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
2000 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
2000 Physics Olympiad Screening Test (Part 2)
2000 Physics Quiz Bowl (21-40)
2000 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)
2006 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)
2006 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
2007 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)
2007 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
2008 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)
2008 PhysicsBowl (Part 1)
2015 net F = ma Contest
PhysicsBowl 2009 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2009 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2010 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2010 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2011 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2011 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2012 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2012 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2013 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2013 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2014 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2014 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2015 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2015 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2016 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2016 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2017 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2017 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2018 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2018 (Part 2)
PhysicsBowl 2019 (Part 1)
PhysicsBowl 2019 (Part 2)
Anchors Aweigh
Big Al
Big Fist
Echo Chamber
Eskimo Pi
Eternally Bohring
Family Reunion
Nuclear Flu
Puppy Love
Ring Around the Collar
Santa's Helper
The Antelope
The Baseball Game
The Baton Twirler
The Big Mac
The Birthday Cake
The Box Seat
The Cemetary
The Circuit Rider
The Cycle Shop
The Dog-Eared Page
The Dognapping
The Electrostatic Induction
The Golf Game
The Hare Dryer
The Iceberg
The Jogger
The Librarian
The Low-Calorie Beer
The Pepsi Challenge
The Perfect Pew
The Pet Rock
The Pool Game
The Raft
The Satellite
The Science Fair
The See-Saw Scene
The Snowball Fight
The Spring Phling
The Starlet
The Tree House
War Games
What's My Line
2D Projectiles
Action-Reaction #1
Action-Reaction #2
Archimedes Principle #1
Archimedes Principle #2
Atomic Nature of Matter
Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity
Balancing Nuclear Equations
Center of Gravity
Centripetal Acceleration
Centripetal Force
Change of Phase
Conservation of Energy
Conservation of Momentum
Coulomb's Law
DC Currents
Dropped From Rest
Electric Potential
Electric Power
Electrostatics: Induction and Conduction
Equilibrium on an Inclined Plane
Falling and Air Resistance
Force and Acceleration
Force and Weight
Force Vectors and the Parallelogram Rule
Freebody Diagrams
Gravitational Interactions
Heat Transfer
Incline Places: Force Vector Resultants
Incline Planes - Force Vector Components
Inverse Square Relationships
Light Properties
Mobiles: Rotational Equilibrium
Momentum and Energy
Momentum and Kinetic Energy
Momentum Practice Problems
Momentum Systems and Conservation
Natural Transmutations
Net Force
Newton's Law of Motion: Friction
Non-Accelerated and Accelerated Motion
Nuclear Fission and Fusion
Ohm's Law
Parallel Circuits
Plane Mirror Reflections
Power Production
Power Transmission
Radioactive Half Life
Refraction of Light
RIVP Charts #1
RIVP Charts #2
Sailboats: A Vector Application
Satellites: Circular and Elliptical
Series Circuits
Shock Waves
Snell's Law
Snell's Law
Specific Heat and the Law of Heat Exchange
Static Equilibrium
Syringes and Vacuum Pumps
Tensions and Equilibrium
The Atom and the Quantum
Thermal Expansion #1
Thermal Expansion #2
Torque Beams
Torque: Cams and Spools
Tossed Ball
Up and Down
Vectors and Components
Vectors and Resultants
Vectors and the Parallelogram Rule
Waves and Vibrations
Work and Energy
Air Resistance #1
An Apple on a Table
Apex #1
Apex #2
Apparent Depth
Atmospheric Refraction
Atomic Number
Average Speed
Balsa Wood and Rock
Bar Magnets
Beta Decay
Binding Energy
Black Holes
Buoyant Forces
Burning Candle
Cabin Temperatures
Center of Gravity
Center of Gravity vs Torque
Circular Orbits
Deuterium Ice Cube
Electric Potential vs Electric Potential Energy
Electromagnetic Radiation
Electrostatic Attraction
Elliptical Orbits
Escape Velocity
Expansion #1
Expansion #2
Falling Rock
Falling Spheres
Falling Sticks
Fire Truck
Floating Ice Cube
Floating Wood
Freely-Falling Elevator
Frictionless Pulley
General Relativity
Gravitation #1
Gravitation #2
Head-on Collisions #1
Head-on Collisions #2
Heat Transfer
Helium Balloons
Hot Springs
Hydrogen Atom
Hydrogen Fusion
Ice Boat
Image Distances
Induction Coils
Laser Fishing
Latent Heat #1
Latent Heat #2
Light and Heat
Light vs Sound Waves
Magnetic Forces
Meters and Motors
Mirror Height
Mirror Length
Monkey Shooter
Nuclear Equations
Parallel Circuit
Photoelectric Effect
Photographing Rainbows
Pinched Bottle
Ping-Pong Ball
Polaroid Filters
Radiant Energy
Radioactive Cookies
Rolling Cans
Rolling Spool
Rotating Disk
Sailboats #1
Sailboats #2
Satellite Positions
Scale Reading
Series Circuits
Shadows #1
shadows #2
Shock Cone
Skidding Distances
Soap Film Interference
Sound Waves
Spiral Tube
Standing Waves
Submerged Ball
Submerged Glass
Tensile Strength
Terminal Velocity
The Ax Handle
The Coffee Cup
Thermal Energy #1
Thermal Energy #2
Tug of War #1
Tug of War #2
Two-block Systems
Underwater Vision
Uranium Decay
Uranium Fission
Van de Graaff
Verge of Sinking
Water Level
Water Stream
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Chapter 3: Electrons
Accelerated Motion: Analyzing Velocity-Time Graphs
Accelerated Motion: Graph Shape Patterns
Accelerated Motion: Practice with Data Analysis
Advanced Properties of Freely Falling Bodies #1
Advanced Properties of Freely Falling Bodies #2
Advanced Properties of Freely Falling Bodies #3
An Extension of Snell's Law
Atomic Models and Spectra
Average Speed and Average Velocity
Average Speed Drill
Basic Practice with Springs
Basic Principles of Refraction
Beats, Doppler, Resonance Pipes, and Sound Intensity
Calculating Force Components
Calculating Vector Resultants
Capacitors - Connected/Disconnected Batteries
Charged Projectiles in Uniform Electric Fields
Chase Problems #1
Chase Problems #2
Chase Problems: Projectiles
Circumference vs Diameter Lab Review
Class Rules
Combinations of Capacitors
Combining Kinematics and Dynamics
Computer Usage Policy
Constant Velocity: Converting Position and Velocity Graphs
Constant Velocity: Position-Time Graphs #1
Constant Velocity: Position-Time Graphs #2
Constant Velocity: Position-Time Graphs #3
Constant Velocity: Velocity-Time Graphs #1
Constant Velocity: Velocity-Time Graphs #2
Constant Velocity: Velocity-Time Graphs #3
Converging Lens Vocabulary
Converting s-t and v-t Graphs
Coulomb Force Extra Practice
Coulomb's Law: Some Practice with Proportions
Counting Vibrations and Calculating Frequency/Period
Data Analysis #1
Data Analysis #2
Data Analysis #3
Data Analysis #4
Data Analysis #5
Data Analysis #6
Data Analysis #7
Data Analysis #8
Density of a Paper Clip Lab Review
Dimensional Analysis
Distinguishing 2nd and 3rd Law Forces
Diverging Lens Vocabulary
Doppler - A Challenge Problem
Doppler Effect
Double Slits
Electric Field Drill: Point Charges
Electric Fields: Parallel Plates
Electric Potential Drill: Point Charges
Electrostatic Forces and Fields: Point Charges
Electrostatic Vocabulary
Energy Level Diagrams
Energy Methods: More Practice with Projectiles
Energy Methods: Projectiles
Energy/Work Vocabulary
Fixed and Free-end Reflections
Force vs Displacement Graphs
Frames of Reference
Freebody Diagrams #1
Freebody Diagrams #2
Freebody Diagrams #3
Freebody Diagrams #4
Freefall #1
Freefall #2
Freefall #3
Freefall #3 (Honors)
Fundamental Wave Terms
Gas Calculations
Graphical Relationships and Curve Fitting
Heat Cycles
Heat Transfer and Thermometric Properties
Horizontally Released Projectiles #1
Horizontally Released Projectiles #2
Ideal Gases
Illuminance 1
Illuminance 2
Indirect Measures
Induced emf
Inertial Mass Lab Review Questions
Interference: In-phase Sound Sources
Introduction to R | I | V | P Charts
Introduction to Springs
Kepler's Laws: Worksheet #1
Kepler's Laws: Worksheet #2
Kinematics Along With Work/Energy
Kinematics Equations #1
Kinematics Equations #2
Kinematics Equations #3: A Stop Light Story
Kirchhoff's Laws: DC Circuits with Capacitors
Kirchhoff's Laws: Sample Circuit
Lab Discussion: Gravitational Field Strength and the Acceleration Due to Gravity
Lab Discussion: Inertial and Gravitational Mass
Lensmaker Equation
Magnetic Forces on Current-Carrying Wires
Magnetic Forces on Moving Charges
Mastery Review: Introductory Labs
Metric Conversions #1
Metric Conversions #2
Metric Conversions #3
Metric Conversions #4
Moment Arms
Moments of Inertia and Angular Momentum
More Practice with Resonance in Pipes
More Practice with SHM Equations
More Practice with the Doppler Practice
net F = ma
Parallel Reading - The Atom
Pendulum Lab Review
Pendulum Lab Review
Plane Mirror Reflections
Position-Time Graph "Story" Combinations
Potential Energy Functions
Practice with Ampere's Law
Practice with Induced Currents (Changing Areas)
Practice with Induced Currents (Constant Area)
Practice with Resonance in Pipes
Practice with the Doppler Effect
Practice: Momentum and Energy #1
Practice: Momentum and Energy #2
Practice: SHM Equations
Practice: Speed of a Wave Along a String
Practice: Uniform Circular Motion
Practice: Vertical Circular Motion
Projectiles Released at an Angle
Properties of Lines #1
Properties of Lines #2
Pulse Superposition: Interference
Refraction and Critical Angles
Refraction Phenomena
Refraction Through a Circular Disk
Refraction Through a Glass Plate
Refraction Through a Triangle
Resistance, Wattage, and Brightness
Ripple Tank Review
Ropes and Pulleys in Static Equilibrium
Rotational and Reflection Symmetries
Rotational Kinetic Energy
Scientific Notation
SHM Properties
Significant Figures and Scientific Notation
Snell's Law Calculations
Sound Vocabulary
Speed of Sound
Speed of Sound (Honors)
Spherical Mirror Equation #1
Spherical Mirror Equation #2
Spherical Mirrors: Image Patterns
Standard Model: Particles and Forces
Standing Wave Patterns #1
Standing Wave Patterns #2
Standing Wave Patterns #3
Standing Wave Patterns #4
Static Springs: The Basics
SVA Relationships #1
SVA Relationships #2
SVA Relationships #3
SVA Relationships #4
SVA Relationships #5
Thin Film Interference
Thin Lens Equation #1: Converging Lenses
Thin Lens Equation #2: Converging Lenses
Thin Lens Equation #3: Both Types
Thin Lens Equation #4: Both Types
Torque: Rotational Equilibrium Problems
Two-Lens Worksheet
Two-Mirror Worksheet
Universal Gravitation and Satellites
Vertical Circular Motion #1
Vibrating Systems - Period and Frequency
Vocabulary for Newton's Laws
Wave Phenomena Reading Guide
Wave Pulses
Waveform and Vibration Graphs #1
Waveform and Vibration Graphs #2
Work and Energy Practice: An Assortment of Situations
Work and Energy Practice: Forces at Angles
25A: Introduction to Waves and Vibrations
25B: Vibrations and Waves
25C: Wave Speed
25D: Interference
25E: Doppler
25F: Doppler Effect (continued)
26B: Speed of Sound
26C: Resonance
26D: Beats
26E: Decibels
27A: Light Properties
27B: Properties of Light and Refraction
2A: Introduction to Motion
2B: Average Speed and Average Velocity
34A: Electric Current
35A: Series and Parallel
36A: Magnets, Magnetic Fields, Particles
36B: Current Carrying Wires
38A: Atomic Physics
Advanced Capacitors
Antiderivatives and Kinematics Functions
Basic Capacitors
Basic DC Circuits
Basic Torque Problems
Center of Mass (Discrete Collections)
Centripetal Acceleration
Centripetal Force
Decibels and Sound Intensity #1
Decibels and Sound Intensity #2
Electric Field Strength vs Electric Potential
Exercises on Current Carrying Wires
Fluids At Rest
Half-Life Properties
Honors: Average Speed/Velocity
Interference Re-examined
Kinematics Derivatives
Moment of Inertia (Discrete Collections)
Multiple-Battery Circuits
Projectile Summary
Projectile Summary
Projectiles Mixed (Vertical and Horizontal Release)
Projectiles Released at an Angle
Refraction Phenomena Reading Questions
Rotational Kinematics
Rotational Kinematics #2
Set 3A: Projectiles
Sound: Mixed Practice
Systems of Bodies (including pulleys)
Textbook Set #6: Circuits with Multiple Batteries
Waves and Vibrations
Work, Power, Kinetic Energy
Working with Vectors
Working with Vectors
Math Pretest for Physics I
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