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Amusing Problems in Physics

This group of challenging, humorous problems was originally published in 1985 by J. Weston Walch of Portland, Oregon. They were created by Douglas C. Jenkins and illustrated by Tim Harris. Permission has been given by J. Weston Walch, publisher, to post them to PhysicsLAB as a student resource. Before you start looking through the problems, take a moment and introduce yourself to the cast of characters around whom these episodes revolve. Teachers, you might also like to read Douglas Jenkins' note "To the Teacher" and examine the following listing of their adventures.

Students, to obtain the greatest benefit from these problems, you must first study each situation and independently work through your solution. After checking your answer you might want to click on the solution to read through Jenkins' step-by-step solution. All of these problems are cleverly presented and grounded in solid physics concepts.

Linear Motion Work, Power, and Energy Mirrors
Vector Addition Momentum Lenses
Newton's Second Law Gravitation and Planetary Motion Diffraction
Friction Heat Electric (Coulombic) Force
Projectile Motion Thermal Energy Electrical Circuits
Motion in 2-Dimensions Fluids Magnetic Forces
Circular Motion Sound Atomic Energy Levels
Rotational Motion Color Chromaticity Chart Nuclear Matters

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