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2001 B6

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A cylinder is fitted with a freely moveable piston of area 1.20 x 10-2 m2 and negligible mass. The cylinder below the piston is filled with a gas.
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At state 1, the gas has volume 1.50 x 10-3 m3, pressure 1.02 x 105 Pa and the cylinder is in contact with a water bath at a temperature of 0ºC. The gas is then taken through the following four-step process.
  • A 2.50 kg metal block is placed on top of the piston, compressing the gas to state 2, with the gas still at 0ºC.
  • The cylinder is then brought in contact with a boiling water bath, raising the gas temperature to 100ºC at state 3.
  • The metal block is removed and the gas expands to state 4 still at 100ºC.
  • Finally, the cylinder is again placed in contact with the water bath at 0ºC, returning the system to state 1.
 (a) Determine the pressure of the gas in state 2.

 (b) Determine the volume of the gas in state 2.

 (c) Indicate below whether the process from state 2 to state 3 is isothermal, isobaric, or adiabatic. Explain your reasoning.

 (d) Is the process from state 4 to state 1 isobaric? Explain your reasoning.

 (e) Determine the volume of the gas in state 4.

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