PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2002 Form B - B6

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A sealed steel canister is being used to store neon gas (atomic mass = 20.2 u). The mass of the steel canister alone is 12.0 kg, and it has an interior volume of 8.00 liters = 8.00 x 10-3 m3 . There are 4.50 moles of neon gas in the canister, and the temperature of the entire system is 300 K.
 (a) Determine the pressure within the cylinder.

The sealed cylinder is now placed in a large tank containing a mixture of ice and water at 273 K. You may neglect any change in the volume of the cylinder.
 (b) Determine the pressure of the neon gas after the cylinder and its contents have reached thermal equilibrium with the ice-water mixture.

 (c) Determine the mass of the ice that melts during the equilibration of the cylinder.

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