PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2003 B4

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In your physics lab, you have a concave mirror with radius of curvature r = 60 cm. You are assigned the task of finding experimentally the location of a lit candle such that the mirror will produce an image that is 4 times the height of the lit candle.
You have an optical bench, which is a long straight track as shown above. Objects in holders can be attached at any location along the bench. In addition to the concave mirror and the lit candle in holders, you also have the following equipment.
 (a) Briefly list the steps in your procedure that will lead you to the location of the lit candle that produces the desired image. Include definitions of any parameters that you will measure.

 (b) On the list of equipment before part (a) place check marks beside each additional piece of equipment you will need to do this experiment.

(c) On the scale below, draw a ray diagram of your lab setup in part (a) to show the locations of the candle, the mirror, and the image.

(d) Check the appropriate spaces below to indicate the characteristics of your image.

 (e) You complete your assignment and turn in your results to your teacher. She tells you that another student, using equipment from the same list, has found a different location for the lit candle. However, she tells both of you that the labs were done correctly and that neither experiment need be repeated. Explain why both experiments can be correct.

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