PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2003 Form B - B7

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An experiment is performed on a sample of atoms known to have a ground state of —5.0 eV. The gas is illuminated with "white light" (400 - 700 nm). A spectrometer capable of analyzing radiation in this range is used to measure the radiation. The sample is observed to absorb light at only 400 nm. After the "white light" is turned off, the sample is observed to emit visible radiation of 400 nm and 600 nm.
(a) In the space below, determine the values of the energy levels and on the following scale sketch an energy-level diagram showing the energy values in eVs and the relative positions of:
  1. the ground state
  2. the energy level to which the system was first excited
  3. one other energy level that the experiment suggests may exist

 (b) What is the wavelength of any other radiation, if any, that might have been emitted in the experiment? Why was it not observed?

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