PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2004 C3 E&M

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A rectangular loop of dimensions 3L and 4L lines in the plane as shown above. A long straight wire also in the plane of the page carries a current I.
 (a) Calculate the magnetic flux through the rectangular loop in terms on I, L, and fundamental constants.

Starting at time t = 0, the current in the long straight wire is given as a function of time t by
where Io and k are constants.
 (b) The current induced in the loop is in which direction: clockwise or counterclockwise? Justify your answer.

The loop has a resistance R. Calculate each of the following in terms of R,, Io, k, L, and fundamental constants.
 (c) The current in the loop as a function of time t.

 (d) The total energy dissipated in the loop from t = 0 to t = infinity.

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