PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2006 Form B - B5

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A sample of ideal gas is taken through steps I, II, and III in a closed cycle, as shown on the pressure P versus volume V diagram above, so that the gas returns to its original state. The steps in the cycle are as follows.
  • I. An isothermal expansion occurs from point A to point B, and the volume of the gas doubles.
  • II. An isobaric compression occurs from point B to point C, and the gas returns to its original volume.
  • III. A constant volume addition of heat occurs from point C to point A and the gas returns to its original pressure.
(a) Determine numerical values for the following ratios, justifying your answers in the spaces next to each ratio.




 (b) During step I, the change in internal energy is zero. Explain why.

 (c) During step III, the work done on the gas is zero. Explain why.

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