PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2007 B5

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The figure above shows a 0.20 m diameter cylinder fitted with a frictionless piston, initially fixed in place. The cylinder contains 2.0 moles of nitrogen gas at an absolute pressure of 4.0 x 105 Pa. Nitrogen gas has a molar mass of 28 g/mole and it behaves as an ideal gas.
 (a) Calculate the force that the nitrogen gas exerts on the piston.

 (b) Calculate the volume of the gas if the temperature of the gas is 300 K.

 (c) In a certain process, the piston is allowed to move, and the gas expands at constant pressure and pushes the piston out 0.15 m. Calculate how much work is done by the gas.

(d) Which of the following is true of the heat energy transferred to or from the gas, if any, in the process in part (c)?
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