PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2011 B1

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A 0.40 kg object moves in a straight line under the action of a net force. The graph below shows the velocity as a function of time for the object during a 25-second interval. At time t = 0, the object is at the position x = 0.
(a) On the grid below, sketch a graph of the acceleration as a function of time for the object. Label the scale for the acceleration.

 (b) Calculate the position of the object at t = 5.0 seconds.

(c) On which segment of the graph is the net force acting on the object zero? Justify your answer.
____ A
____ B
____ C

 (d) Calculate the net force on the object during the first 3.0 seconds of the motion.

 (e) Calculate the amount of work done on the object by the net force during the first 15 seconds of the motion

(f) For the interval t = 15 seconds to t = 25 seconds, is the work done on the object by the net force positive, negative, or zero? Justify your answer.
____ Positive
____ Negative
____ Zero

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