PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2011 B1 Form B

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A box is being pushed at constant speed up an inclined plane to a vertical height of 3.0 m above the ground, as shown in the figure below. The person exerts a force parallel to the plane. The mass m of the box is 50 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction µk between the box and the plane is 0.30.
(a) On the dot below that represents the box, draw and label the forces (not components) acting on the box.

 (b) Calculate the normal force of the plane on the box. If you need to draw anything other than what you have shown in part (a) to assist in your solution, use the space below. Do NOT add anything to the figure in part (a).

 (c) Calculate the component of the force of gravity acting on the box that is parallel to the plane.

 (d) Calculate the friction force between the plane and the box.

 (e) Calculate the force applied by the person on the box.

 (f) Calculate the work done by the person pushing the box, assuming the box is raised to the vertical height of 3.0 m.

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