PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2011 B6

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The allowed energies of a simple hypothetical atom are -6.0 eV, -3.0 eV, and -1.0 eV.
 (a) Draw the atom’s energy-level diagram. Label each level with the energy and the principal quantum number.

 (b) Calculate the wavelengths associated with each possible transition between energy levels for the atom.

(c) The atom is in the ground state when an electron traveling with a speed of 1.3 x 106 m/s collides with it. Can the electron excite the atom to the n = 2 state? Justify your answer.
_____ Yes
______It cannot be determined with the information given.

(d) Another electron excites the atom from the ground state to the n = 2 state. The atom then decays back to the ground state by emitting a photon.
 i. Calculate the energy of the emitted photon in joules.

ii. In what region of the electromagnetic spectrum is the radiation?

_____ Radio
_____ X-rays
_____ Visible light
_____ It cannot be determined with the information given.

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