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In this lab you will be given the notes for a song to play with open-open PVC pipes. Your task is to measure and cut the pipes to the correct length after calculating the speed of sound based on the room's temperature. A list of frequencies will be provided.
Recall that an open-open pipe has a fundamental waveform of one loop.
Also recall that the formula that relates the speed of sound to the room's temperature is
vw = 331 + 0.6T
where T represents the room's temperature measured in Celsius. The formula to convert Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius is
ºC = 5/9 (ºF - 32)
As you cut your pipes (I would recommend measuring and cutting one at a time) label them with the note from your song. Handle the PVC cutters very carefully! Ask for assistance if you have never used this tool before and need instructions as to how it operates.
Your song's performance will be based on your "team" handles the pipes, the "spirit and tempo" of your song and the audience's ability to recognize which song you are playing.
What is the title of your song? 

What is the temperature of the room? 

pipe note frequency
When you have completed your performance, rubber band your pipes together with your song's manuscript and place them in the bin at the front of the room.

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