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Famous Discoveries and Experiments

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Match the correct description to each scientist.
After choosing your best answer, click on the arrow and take a moment to investigate the accompanying hyperlinked pages where each important discovery or experiment is described in greater detail.
 Neils Bohr

 James Chadwick

 A. H. Compton


 Louis de Broglie

 Albert Einstein


 Werner Heisenberg


 R. A. Millikan

 Wolfgang Pauli

 Max Planck

 Ernest Rutherford


 J. J. Thomson

  1. experimentally discovered the charge to mass ratio of cathode rays
  2. experimentally discovered the neutron
  3. experimentally confirmed that the fundamental electric charge (e) was quantized
  4. experimentally verified the existence of matter waves
  5. explained the photoelectric effect
  6. proposed that blackbody radiators emit quantized energy
  7. developed the planetary atomic model to explain atomic spectra
  8. experimentally confirmed that complicated atoms also have discreet energy levels
  9. quantified the uncertainty of a particle's instantaneous position vs its momentum
  10. developed a mathematical relationship relating the frequencies of spectral lines
  11. determined that particles have a wave nature
  12. experimentally verified that photons have momentum
  13. experimentally discovered the existence of the atomic nucleus
  14. explained the incompressibility of atoms
  15. experimentally established that the speed of light is an invariant

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