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Comparing Constant Velocity Graphs of Position-Time & Velocity-Time

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Position-Time Graphs
Velocity-Time Graphs
direction of motion
sloped up, positive direction
sloped down, negative direction
1st quadrant, positive direction
4th quadrant, negative direction
instantaneous velocity
slope of line, including + or -
height of line, including + or -
instantaneous speed
absolute value of the slope, always positive
absolute value of the height, always positive
at rest
flat line segments where position remains the same
flat line segments coincident with the x-axis
showing a velocity of zero
distance traveled
track the changes in the height of each line during the time interval requested, always +
calculate the areas under each line segment during the time interval requested, always +
net displacement
compare the y-values of the starting and ending points,
subtract yfinal - yinitial
calculate the cumulative areas
paying attention to + and - areas
instantaneous position
height of a line segment at a specific time
cumulative displacement when given a starting position
average speed
total distance / total time
total distance / total time
average velocity
net displacement / total time
slope of a secant connecting the starting and ending points
net displacement / total time

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