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Directions: Flash Cards

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For each triad, follow these directions to make your flash cards.
First cut out the grouping with its "green title." Turn the grouping over and lightly write (so that the information does not bleed through to the front side) the description of each graph. Remember that left-right gets reversed when the triad is flipped over.
Once your back labels are completed then trim off the green header.
Finally, cut the group into three individual cards.
Repeat this process with each of the other six triads. You will have a total of 21 cards.
  • losing speed in a positive direction
  • gaining speed in a negative direction
  • losing speed in a negative direction
  • constant speed in a positive direction
  • constant speed in a negative direction
  • at rest
When completed, show all 21 cards to Mr. Bishop to get credit for completing this assignment during class today.
Your homework is to learn the graph shape when you are given the description on the back of the card PLUS be able to state the description when you view the graph on the front of the card. Yes, there will be a QUIZ!

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