PhysicsLAB Review
Honors Review: Waves and Introductory Skills

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Vibration Graphs (prelude to Pendulum Lab)
Textbook Assignment
NextTime Questions
mean, median, mode density
wave vw = f λ
mechanical non-mechanical
transverse longitudinal
compression rarefaction
torsional elliptical (surface waves)
point source amplitude
periodic pulse
crest trough
equilibrium position wavelength (λ)
vibration period (T)
frequency (f) hertz
relationship between frequency and wavelength (f, λ) wave velocity (vw)
relationship between frequency and period (f, T) sinusoidal
electromagnetic radiation spectrum order pendulum
point of suspension length of a pendulum
pendulum bob acceleration due to gravity (g)
damped amplitude vs energy
constructive destructive
in-phase out-of-phase
nodes antinode
fundamental overtone
harmonic resonance state
loop standing wave
fixed-end reflection free-end reflection
factors affecting a pendulum's period:
        length, mass, gravity
speed of light

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