PhysicsLAB AAPT Quiz
1996 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)

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1. A light year is a unit of:
2. A beam of light is directed toward a point P on a boundary as shown to the right.
Which segment best represents the refracted ray?
3. If the frequency of sound is doubled, the wavelength:

4. When the velocity of a moving object is doubled, its _____ is also doubled.
5. When metal rod 1 is placed in contact with metal rod 2, thermal energy flows from 1 to 2. A possible explanation is that 1 has a higher ____ than 2.
6. Impulse, Fnet Δt , is best related to:
7. An amber rod is given a net negative charge and held at rest. Which of the following statements is true?

8. A ball is rolled off the edge of a horizontal table. The ball has an initial speed vo and lands on the floor some distance from the base of the table. Which of the following statements concerning the fall of the ball is FALSE?

9. When a falling object reaches terminal velocity, it:

10 . Two wave pulses approach each other as seen in the figure below. The wave pulses overlap at point P.
Which diagram best represents the appearance of the wave pulses as they leave point P?

11. A simple pendulum of mass m and length L has a period of oscillation T at angular amplitude theta = 5º measured from its equilibrium position. If the amplitude is changed to 10º and everything else remains constant, the new period of the pendulum would be approximately:
12. Two football players with mass 75 kg and 100 kg run directly toward each other with speeds 6.0 m/s and 8.0 m/s respectively. If they grab each other as they collide, the combined speed of the two players just after the collision would be:
13. A potassium 40 19 K nucleus emits a beta- and becomes:
14. A 30-kg child who is running at 4.0 m/s jumps onto a stationary 10 kg skateboard. The speed of the child and the skateboard is approximately:
15. A car whose mass is 1500 kg is accelerated uniformly from rest to a speed of 20 m/s in 10 s. The magnitude of the net force accelerating the car is:
16. When two resistors, having resistance R1 and R2 , are connected in parallel, the equivalent resistance of the combination is 5 Ω. Which of the following statements about the resistances is correct?

17. A ball which is dropped from the top of a building strikes the ground with a speed of 30 m/s. Assume air resistance can be ignored. The height of the building is approximately:
18. A rubber ball is held motionless a height ho above a hard floor and released. Assuming that the collision with the floor is elastic, which one of the following graphs best shows the relationship between the total energy E of the ball and its height h above the surface?
19. Light that has wavelength of 500 nm in air has wavelength 400 nm in a transparent material. What is the index of refraction of the material?
20. A force of 10 N stretches a spring that has a spring constant of 20 N/m. The potential energy stored in the spring is:

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