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1997 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)

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1. A force F directed at an angle of q above the horizontal is used to pull a crate a distance D across a level floor. The work done by the force F is
 2. An electric current flows through a horizontal wire from left to right as shown in the accompanying diagram.
Which option best represents the direction of the magnetic field at P?

3. A student working on an energy conservation problem has The student has solved for obtained the answer 50 J s2/m2.
4. Which station broadcasts with 3.27 m radio waves?
5. Point charges 1 and 2 have equal magnitude. The diagram below shows the electric field lines surrounding them.
Which of the following statements is true?

6. A charged rod is placed between two insulated conducting spheres as shown. The spheres have no net charge.
Region II has the same polarity as Region
7. A narrow beam of monochromatic light enters a lens parallel to the optic axis, as shown in the accompanying diagram.
Which arrow best represents the direction of the light after leaving the lens?
8. Cart 1 and cart 2 are held together as shown in the diagram below. Cart 2 is more massive than cart 1.
As they are forced apart by the release of a compressed spring, which of the following quantities will have the same magnitude for both carts?
9. At a certain time, an object in free fall has velocity 4.0 m/s in the upward direction. What is the approximate velocity of the object one second later?
10. A compressed spring has 16 J of potential energy. What is the maximum speed it can impart to a 2.0-kg object?
11. What does the "?" represent in the nuclear reaction 2 1H+ 2 1H yields 3 2He + ?
12. Two artificial satellites, 1 and 2, are put into circular orbit at the same altitude above Earth's surface. The mass of satellite 2 is twice the mass of satellite 1. If the period of satellite 1 is T what is the period of satellite 2?
13. A small sphere is moving in a vertical circle at constant speed. The magnitude of the net force on the sphere

14. A 5000-kg freight car moving at 4.0 km/h collides and couples with an 8000-kg freight car which is initially at rest. The approximate common final speed of these two cars is
15. Which of the following is always true for an isothermal process of an ideal gas?

16. How much work is required to move -24 µC of charge 4.0 meters parallel to a uniform 6.0 N/C electric field?
17. Two bar magnets are to be cut in half along the dotted lines shown below.
None of the pieces are rotated. After the cut:

18. A motorist travels 400 km at 80km/h and 400 km in at 100 km/h. What is the average speed of the motorist on this trip?
19. The standing wave pattern diagrammed below is produced in a string fixed at both ends. The speed of waves in the string is 2.0 m/s.
What is the frequency of the standing wave pattern?
23. String L and string H have the same tension and length. String L has mass m and string H has mass 4m. If the speed waves in string L is v, the speed of waves in string H is

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