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2000 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)

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1. As a wave moves from one medium to a second medium with a different index of refraction which of the following wave properties would NEVER change?
2. The following equation is an example of what kind of nuclear reaction?
 3. Which of the following statements is NOT true concerning the simple circuit shown where resistors R1, R2 and R3 are have equal resistances?

4. Specular reflection occurs whenever light is incident on

5. A cart with mass 2m has a velocity v before it strikes another cart of mass 3m at rest. The two carts couple and move off together with a velocity
6. How much work would be required to move a 4 coulomb charge 6 meters parallel to a 24 N/C electric field?
7. The length of the most effective transmitting antenna is equal to one-fourth the wavelength of the broadcast wave. If a radio station has an antenna 4.5 meters long then what is the broadcast frequency of the radio station?
8. A pendulum is pulled to one side and released. It swings freely to the opposite side and stops. Which of the following might best represent graphs of kinetic energy (Ek), potential energy (Ep) and total energy (ET)?
9. Is it possible for an object's velocity to increase while its acceleration decreases?

10. When a wire moving through a magnetic field has a voltage induced between the wire's ends, that voltage is
  1. directly proportional to the strength of the magnetic field
  2. directly proportional to the velocity of the wire
  3. directly proportional to the diameter of the wire
11. A certain particle undergoes erratic motion. At every point in its motion, the direction of the particle's momentum is ALWAYS

12. Astronauts in an orbiting space shuttle are "weightless" because

13. An object near the surface of the earth with a weight of 100 newtons is accelerated at 4 m/s2. What is the net force on the object?
14. A beam of light passes from medium 1 to medium 2 to medium 3 as shown in the diagram below.
What may be  concluded about the three indexes of retraction, n1, n2 and n3?
15. A student initially at rest on a frictionless frozen pond throws a 1 kg hammer in one direction. After the throw the hammer moves off in one direction while the student moves off in the other direction. Which of the following correctly describes the above situation?

16. Consider an illuminated object, a pinhole, and a screen arranged to form a pinhole image on the screen. Which of the following will occur if the screen is moved away from the pinhole?
  1. the image will go out of focus
  2. the image will become larger
  3. the image will become brighter
17. An alpha particle and a proton are placed equal distance between two large charged metal plates as shown.
Which of the following would best describe the motion of the two particles if they were free to move?

18. Two parallel metal plates carry opposite electrical charges each with a magnitude of Q. The plates are separated by a distance d and each plate has an area A. Consider the following:
  1. increasing Q
  2. increasing d
  3. increasing A
Which of the following would have the effect of reducing the potential difference between the plates?
19. An astronaut in an orbiting spacecraft attaches a mass m to a string and whirls it around in uniform circular motion. The radius of the circle is r, the speed of the mass is v, and the tension in the string is F. If the mass, radius, and speed were all to double the tension required to maintain uniform circular motion would be
20. A wire moves with a velocity v through a magnetic field and experiences an induced charge separation as shown.
What is the direction of the magnetic field?


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