PhysicsLAB AAPT Quiz
2006 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 1)

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1. The mass of an object is recorded as m = 2.10 x 104 kg. This mass has been recorded with how many significant digits?
2. How tall is a flagpole if the sun is at a 53º angle above the horizon and the shadow is 8.0 meters long?
3. Three students were arguing about the height of a parking garage. One student suggested that to determine the height of the garage, they simply had to drop tennis balls from the top and time the fall of the tennis balls.
If the time for the ball to fall was 1.4 seconds, approximately how tall is the parking garage?
4. An arrow is shot from a bow at an angle of 40º from the horizontal at a speed of 24.0 m/s. Ignoring air resistance, what is the arrow’s maximum height above its launch point?
5. Newton’s First Law is based on the experimental work of which person, who rolled spheres down and up inclines?
6. An arrow is shot through an apple. If the 0.1 kg arrow changes speed by 10 m/s during the collision (from 30 m/s to 20 m/s) and the apple goes from rest to a speed of 2 m/s during the collision, then the mass of the apple must be
7. A car has the velocity versus time curve shown.
Which of the following statements regarding its motion is INCORRECT?

8. A baseball is thrown by a pitcher with a speed of 35 m/s. The batter swings and hits the ball. The magnitude of the force that the ball exerts on the bat is always

9. A deliveryman moves 10 cartons from the sidewalk, along a 10-meter ramp to a loading dock, which is 1.5 meters above the sidewalk.
If each carton has a mass of 25 kg, what is the total work done by the deliveryman on the cartons to move them to the loading dock?
10. A firecracker explodes while in flight along a parabolic path and fragments from it travel in all directions. After the explosion, the center of mass of the firecracker

11. The number of seconds from now until the beginning of the next millennium (year 3000) can be approximated as 10x. What is x?
12. Experimental data are taken. Which of the following statements is correct about the precision and accuracy of the data?

13. A rock is dropped from the top of a tall tower. Half a second later another rock, twice as massive as the first, is dropped. Ignoring air resistance,

14. A book leans against a crate on a table. Neither is moving.
Which of the following statements concerning this situation is CORRECT?

15. A crate of toys remains at rest on a sleigh as the sleigh is pulled up a hill with an increasing speed. The crate is not fastened down to the sleigh. What force is responsible for the crate’s increase in speed up the hill?

16. A scientist in the International Space Station experiences "weightlessness" because

17. A point-like object of mass 2.0 kg moves along the +x-axis with a kinetic energy of 16.0 J. A net horizontal force acting along the x-axis is applied to the object with the force-position profile shown.
What is the total impulse delivered by the force (units in kg m/s).
18. A cart is initially moving at 0.5 m/s along a track. The cart comes to rest after traveling 1 m. The experiment is repeated on the same track, but now the cart is initially moving at 1 m/s. How far does the cart travel before coming to rest?
19. A 60.0-kg ball of clay is tossed vertically in the air with an initial speed of 4.60 m/s. Ignoring air resistance, what is the change in its potential energy when it reaches its highest point?
20. A boy jumps from rest straight upward from a flat, stationary concrete surface. The boy, of mass M, leaves the concrete surface with speed v and his center of mass rises a distance d to the highest point of the motion. How much physical work did the average normal force of contact (N) between the boy’s feet and the concrete do on the boy?
21. Which of the following is not one of the seven fundamental SI units using the MKS system?
22. During an interval of time, a tennis ball is moved so that the angle between the velocity and the acceleration of the ball is kept at a constant 120º. Which statement is true about the tennis ball during this interval of time?

23. An object m, on the end of a string, moves in a circle on a horizontal frictionless table as shown.
As the string is pulled very slowly through a small hole in the table, which of the following is correct for an observer measuring from the hole in the table?

24. A person tries to balance vertically each of three long uniform cylinders with equal radii on the end of his finger:
  • A wood cylinder of mass m and length L with moment of inertia I
  • A bamboo cylinder of mass m and length 3L with moment of inertia 9I
  • A concrete cylinder of mass 4m and length 2L with moment of inertia 16I
Which object is the easiest to balance and why?

25. A monatomic ideal gas at pressure P = 105 Pa is in a container of volume V = 12 m3 while at temperature T = 50ºC. How many molecules of gas are in the container?

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