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2006 Physics Quiz Bowl (Part 2)

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26. In the Pressure versus Volume graph shown, in the process of going from a to b 60 J of heat are added, and in the process of going from b to d 20 J of heat are added.
In the process of going a to c to d, what is the total heat added?
27. A frozen hamburger in plastic needs to be thawed quickly. Which of the methods described provides the most rapid thawing of the burger?

28. A radio signal with a wavelength of 1.2 x 10-4 m is sent to a distance asteroid, is reflected, and returns to Earth 72 hours and 48 minutes later. How far from Earth is the asteroid?

29. Two separate strings of the same thickness are stretched so that they experience the same tension. String B is twice as dense as String A. String A, of length L, is vibrated at the fundamental frequency. How long is String B if it has the same fundamental frequency as String A?
30. A copper block is connected to a string and submerged in a container of water.
  • Position 1: The copper is completely submerged, but just under the surface of the water.
  • Position 2: The copper is completely submerged, mid-way between the water surface and the bottom of the container.
  • Position 3: The copper is completely submerged, but just above the bottom surface of the container.
Assume that the water is incompressible. What is the ranking of the buoyant forces B. acting on the copper blocks for these positions, from least to greater?

31. A sound increases its decibel reading from 20 to 40 dB. This means that the intensity of the sound

32. The kW-hr is a unit of
33. A current through the thin filament wire of a light bulb causes the filament to become white hot, while the larger wires connected to the light bulb remain much cooler. This happens because

34. How many coulombs will pass through the identified resistor in 5 seconds once the circuit was closed?
35. A scientist claims to have perfected a technique in which he can spontaneously convert an electron completely into energy in the laboratory without any other material required. What is the conclusion about this claim from our current understanding of physics?

36. Two uniformly charged non-conducting spheres on insulating bases are placed on an air table. Sphere A has a charge +3Q coulombs and sphere B has a charge +Q coulombs. Which of the following correctly illustrates the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force between the spheres when they are released?

37. For the four identical current-carrying wires shown (with conventional current coming out of the plane of the page), the wire on the right is labeled P.
What is the direction of the magnetic force on the wire labeled P from the other wires?

38. For which of the following does one obtain an image of increased size from a real object? Take all focus and radius of curvature values as positive.

39. Chronologically, order the following events from earliest to most recent:
  1. Albert Einstein describes the photoelectric effect with light as a particle
  2. Isaac Newton’s theory on optics
  3. James Clerk Maxwell derives that light is an electromagnetic wave
  4. Thomas Young’s double slit experiment demonstrating light as a wave
40. A new element, named Physicsbowlium (symbol Phys) is discovered to undergo double alpha decay and beta decay simultaneously. Amazingly, this causes the material to decay into an element called Onlyonatestium (symbol Oo).
What is the correct representation of the (Oo)?
41. From our current understanding of physics, which representation of magnetic field lines is inconsistent? The squares in the diagrams below simply represent regions of space.

42. A solenoid is constructed with N loops of wire tightly wrapped around an iron-filled center. Due to budget cuts, the current that ordinarily runs through this solenoid is cut in half. As a result, the inductance of the solenoid is
43. A 10 resistor is connected to a 12-volt battery. If the temperature (300 K) and mass of the resistor (20 grams) remain constant, what is the change in entropy of the resistor during 30 seconds of operation of the circuit?
44. A refrigerator must operate when the outside environment is at 22 0C to maintain an environment at 2 0C inside the refrigerator. During one cycle, the refrigerator expels 1200 J of energy to the outside environment while 400 J of work were done. What is the coefficient of performance of this refrigerator?
45. In a Young's double-slit experiment, the slit separation is doubled. To maintain the same fringe spacing on the screen, the screen-to-slit distance D must be changed to
46. In the photoelectric effect experiment, a stopping potential of Vstop is needed when light of frequency fo shines on the electron-emitting metal surface. If the metal surface on which the light shines is replaced with a new material that has half the work function, what is the new stopping potential, Vnew, for light of frequency fo shining on it?

47. The sub-atomic make-up of a proton is

48. Unpolarized light of intensity I0 is incident onto a series of 3 polarizers. The angles of the polarizers are set to 0º, 45º, 90º as measured from the vertical. What is the intensity of the light as it exits from the third polarizer?
49. Three identical Hookian springs of spring constant k are connected as shown to a mass M in equilibrium. The horizontal platform shown between the springs and the springs themselves have no mass. If the mass M is slightly displaced vertically, the mass exhibits simple harmonic oscillation. Assume that the horizontal platform does not rotate during the oscillations.
What is the period of the oscillation?
50. A rocket is in a circular orbit with speed v and orbital radius R around a heavy stationary mass. An external impulse is quickly applied to the rocket directly opposite to the velocity and the rocket’s speed is slowed to v/2, putting the rocket into an elliptical orbit. In terms of R, the size of the semi-major axis a of this new elliptical orbit is

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