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The Box Seat

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Dr. J was so displeased with his season tickets for local football games that he invented his own version of a box seat. It was designed to let Dr. J and his dog Tripod view the games from a different angle. One night, while watching a game from his favorite angle of 25º, Dr. J, Tripod, and the box seat were taken for a ride. A former member of SAP named Cy had left the organization in order to have himself cloned nine times. He and his clones had formed a new group. (Yes, the Cyclones - I hope I didn't blow you away with that one.) Cy attached a rope of negligible weight to the back of the box and then ran it up the incline and over a frictionless pulley. Cy and the Cyclones were then able to climb into an attached 50 N box, causing Dr. J, Tripod, and the box seat to accelerate up the incline at a rate of 8.00 m/sec2.
If the box seat and its contents weighed 1000 N, and the coefficient of kinetic friction was 0.466, how much did Cy weigh?

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