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The Cemetary

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This haunting episode has Dr. J involved with ghosts, vampires, and projectile motion (the last one is the killer). Recent newspaper accounts of strange happenings had the entire town afraid to go out after dark. Being community minded and convinced that the laws of physics could not be violated, Dr. J decided to solve the mystery all by himself. Late one night, he got in his car and followed a long, narrow road to a cemetery (it was a dead end). He decided to walk through the graveyard. About halfway in, he stepped on a fresh grave flooded by a nearby water leak (this is where the plot thickens). Being stuck and hearing weird sounds, Dr. J knew he was in grave danger. Suddenly, he saw him - a vampire physicist! He could tell by the cape, fanged teeth, calculator, slide rule, and narrow black tie. Dr. J knew his only hope was to somehow propel a piece of wood through the vampire's heart (yes, his life was at stake). He quickly constructed a makeshift bow and arrow from a stick and the elastic from his pants (he didn't waist any time). Calculating in his head that the wooden arrow would leave with a velocity of 25 m/see, Dr. J raised the arrow one meter above the ground and tilted it at an angle of 45º. Unfortunately, he released the arrow too soon, and it struck the vampire in the shoe. Nailing the vampire's foot to the ground did provide enough time for Dr. J's escape. (I guess you could say that he was the sole  survivor.)
How far away from Dr. J was the vampire physicist when Dr. J released the arrow?

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