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The Dognapping

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Of all the doggoned luck! The evil members of SAP have dognapped Dr. J's trusty three-legged dog, Tripod, and are demanding a handsome ransom (one million autographed pictures of Dr. J plus $1.98). The ransom note leads Dr. J on the following path:
From his house, he goes 100 km due east, turns, and then goes 500 km in a direction 30º north of east. He then finds a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken that he quickly eats. (Trailing dognappers can make you so hungry that you will woof down your food.) Upon licking his fingers, he finds his next directions under his right thumbnail: Turn 45º south of east and go 100 km, then turn and go 350 km due north. At this point, he finds evidence of Tripod-three paw prints and a stool. Further evidence that he is getting close to his dog is the fact that the remaining instructions are written on the "bark" of a tree: Turn 40º north of west and go 300 km, then turn 30º south of west and go 200 km. At long last, after dropping the ransom in a container marked "SAP ransom-Drop Here," Dr. J. finds Tripod resting, propped against a wall.
How far away and in what direction is Dr. J from home?

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