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Echo Chamber

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This petiful episode introduces us to a new member of Dr. J's household - Celsius the cat. A cool customer with a hot temper, Celsius spends most of her time thinking up ways to agitate Tripod. Tripod complains to Dr. J about the daily annoyances in hopes of maligning the ol' meow-maker. Reminded that similar agitations from a previous cat named Fahrenheit failed to bring such complaints, Tripod replies that they were not to the same degree. Seeing that he is getting nowhere, Tripod decides to take things in his own paws. Posing as a rather large three-legged mouse, he lures Celsius into Dr. J's echo chamber. This chamber is a large square room with each wall capable of producing excellent echoes. Once Celsius begins to meow, she remains in place for hours thinking she is among fellow felines. Celsius hears four separate echoes for each meow. She hears the first after 0.4 seconds, the second 0.2 seconds later, and the third 1.2 seconds after the second echo.
If the speed of sound in the room is 350 m/sec, how long after the third echo does Celsius hear the final echo?

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