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Eskimo Pi

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In this chilling episode, Dr. J and Tripod travel to northern Alaska to study icebergs. They know that the temperature will cause some changes in their work habits, but little do they realize how the native Eskimo tribe will affect their living habits. In the first place, animals are treated like human beings. In fact, the Regency Igloo Apartments, where Dr. J and Tripod are staying, are constantly inspected by a sea lion. (Yes, this is the good housekeeping seal of approval.) Secondly, outsiders are charged outrageous rates for everything. For example, they find that the charge for renting a kayak is 60% of the money they have. In addition, to rent a heater for the kayak is 50% of the money they have. (The sign behind the counter says: "You can't have your kayak and heat it too!") Being a cool customer, Dr. J walks off without renting anything. He and Tripod don snowshoes and travel to the iceberg they are to study. They determine the volume of the iceberg to be 2 X 106 m3.
If the temperature of the iceberg is 250 K and the density is 0.9998 g/cm3, how much heat energy would be required to completely melt it?

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