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Family Reunion

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Dr. J is working hard to make Labor Day a memorable holiday for all of his relatives. It is his turn to host the annual family reunion, and he has decided to have a picnic in the park. He is especially interested in providing a good time for all of his nieces and nephews. To insure this, he assigns someone to be in charge of each area. For example, Tripod will help with the three-legged race, while Dr. J's henpecked brother-in-law will barbecue the chicken. Uncle Darwin will supervise play on the monkey bars while his thrice-divorced sister is a natural choice for the merry-go-round. His uncle, a retired carpenter who made a fortune building shorefront condominiums, will manage the see-saws, while a playboy cousin will watch the swingers. That only leaves the sliding board, which Dr. J eagerly assigns to himself. As he once said, "Isn't it just great to watch kids accelerate?"
If the sliding board makes an angle of 60º with the ground and the coefficient of sliding friction between the kids and the sliding board is 0.15, at what rate will they accelerate?

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