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The Golf Game

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Golfers of all types stepped aside when they saw Dr. J's group arrive on the first tee. (Actually, fleeing would be a better description.) What a foursome: Dr. J, the beginning golfer; J. Jr., the caddy; and the two auxiliary personnel, Timex and Tripod. Timex was brought along to hit the second shot on each hole and to judge distances. (Being on a golf course, he insisted on measuring in parsecs.) Tripod was excellent in notifying everyone when a ball went off the fairway. (That's right-ruff! ruff!) Like many golfers, Dr. J liked to use golf balls endorsed by big-name stars. However, instead of using balls with such names as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, or Lee Trevino, he chose to use a Shirley Temple special (it only had two dimples). Upon reaching the first green, Dr. J asked J. Jr. to compute the maximum velocity that the ball could arrive at the front edge of the hole on a putt and still go in.
Assuming that one-half of the 4.27 cm diameter ball must strike the back edge of the 11.43 cm diameter hole, what is the maximum velocity?

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