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The Hare Dryer

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This hare-raising episode finds Dr. J hopping on the newspaper columnist bandwagon. In an attempt to increase the public's awareness of physics (and make a few bucks on the side) Dr. J has undertaken a stiff challenged weekly question-and-answer column in the local newspaper. He uses physics to answer questions and solve dilemmas involving births, marriages, and deaths. (Ann Landers for those who have been hatched, matched, and snatched.) This week's column features a question from a young lad whose toy, Squeaky Rabbit, has "died." It seems that he hasn't squeaked since the youngster began keeping him in the freezer. Dr. J, with typical brilliance and insight, concludes that the rabbit is frozen. His solution is brief and to the point-use a hare dryer to thaw the rubber until it is once again flexible. The specific heat of the 500-gram rabbit is 2 Joules/g Cº and 40% of the energy output of the dryer is absorbed by the rabbit as heat energy.
How long will the young lad have to run his 1200-watt dryer in order to raise the temperature of the rabbit from -10º C to +20º C?

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