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The Pool Game

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In this episode, Dr. J tries his hand at shooting pool. He accepts a challenge from SAP for one game, a winner-take-all match. If SAP wins, they receive the right to break all of Newton's Laws for one week without any penalty from Dr. J. (However, we all know it's not nice to fool Mother Nature.) If Dr. J wins, he then has the right to let his dog, Tripod, play classical music in his physics class for a week. (The physics students hate this - the dog's Bach is worse than his bite.) The match takes place, and it comes down to one last shot. If Dr. J makes it, he wins the match. He strokes the 300-gram cue ball at a speed of 30 cm/sec and it strikes the eight ball. He calls both the right side pocket and the left corner pocket. Sure enough, the eight ball splits its 300-gram mass in half. One half goes 85º to the right of the original direction of the cue ball into the right side pocket. The other half goes 5º to the left of the original direction and into the left corner pocket. The cue ball continues in its original path at a speed of 10 cm/sec. Dr. J wins by a split decision. 
What is the speed of each half of the eight ball after the collision?

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