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Puppy Love

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Spring is in the air, and the sweet smell of perfumed flea collars has Tripod tiptoeing through the tulips. (Actually, it is more like pawing his way through the petals.) He really has it bad this time, having fallen for a cute little poodle named Missy, who lives down the street. A heart with initials carved on the bark of a dogwood tree convinces Dr. J that something needs to be done. At first, all attempts to divert Tripod's attention fail. Dr. J even tries taking him out to eat at a fancy restaurant. However, Tripod quickly runs out when he sees the sign that reads "Doggie bags available upon request." Dr. J finally decides to take him on a fun ride aboard his new air-sled. The sled, which rides above a stream of compressed air, has a mass of 100 kg. Dr. J, who weighs 700 N, and Tripod, with his weight of 100 N, climb aboard. Everything seems fine as they go down the street at 10 m/sec. But, alas, they pass Missy's house and she is sitting in the yard. A wink and a wag is all it takes for Tripod. He jumps straight off the side of the sled at a velocity of 4 m/sec.
In what direction and at what velocity do Dr. J and the sled go?

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