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The Spring Phling

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Dr. J accepts a dare from SAP to attend their annual "Spring Phling" as their "man in motion." Dr. J will be slung, swung, and hung (from his feet) for specified amounts of time. If he survives all the exercises, he will earn a prize equal to $1.00 per second. If not, Tripod will be without a father. (Of course it won't be the first time he was without a paw.) Dr. J dons a sweat suit and a pair of tennies (nineies are too small and elevenies are too big).
In exercise A, Dr. J is slung from a giant slingshot at an angle of 30" and an initial velocity of 90 m/'Sec.
In exercise B, Dr. J is attached to a 10-meter pole (SAP wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole) and swung in a horizontal circle 10 times. (Dr. J's mass is 50 kg and the centripetal force created is 200 Newtons).
In exercise C, Dr. J is hung by his feet from a rope, giving a total length of 19.6 meters, and swung like a pendulum a total of 20 vibrations. To SAP's great surprise, Dr. J survives it all. In fact, he turns to Tripod and says, "My! How time flies when you're flying hung!"
How fast does the time actually fly by (i.e., how much money does SAP owe Dr. J)?

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