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The Starlet

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Dr. J. decides to help an aspiring young actress obtain a new image. Her old image-that of an upright, small-town girl-has kept her virtually unnoticed. The young lady, who goes by the stage name of Plane Jane, wants Dr. J to create an image that will really turn things around. Dr. J promises such a drastic change that producers will converge on her; moviegoers and fan magazines will focus their attention on her every move. But alas, trying several of Dr. J's suggestions, she still can't picture herself as the person she wants to be. She finally realizes that it isn't important what other people see in her - it is how she views herself that is the problem. Dr. J designs an optical system that enables her to see herself as that fine, upright, small-town girl, bigger than life.
If the system utilizes a converging mirror of radius 1.5 m and Jane sees herself twice as big, where is she standing in relation to the mirror?

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