PhysicsLAB Amusing Problems

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In this timely episode, Dr. J and J. Jr. hire a new assistant to help them track a new planet they have discovered in our solar system. The assistant's name is Timex and his whole life is devoted to time. For example, he likes to watch girls with hourglass figures; his favorite TV show is "60 Minutes"; his favorite movie stars are Doris Day and Frederick March; he never likes to be first, but always second; he bought his house from a Century 21 agent. Despite all of this, Timex is always late. When Timex arrives late for work for the fourth straight night, Dr. J decides to punish him by making him pick ticks off Tripod. Timex does a good job of this despite the fact that Tripod keeps licking Timex in the face. (That's right: Timex takes a licking but keeps on ticking!!) Anyway, their newly-discovered planet - which they name Bulova - has a period of 2.1 years, and its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.182.
What is the new planet's average distance from the sun? 

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