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Radioactive Half Life

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You and your classmates will now play the "half-life game." Each of you should have a coin to shake inside cupped hands. After it has been shaken for a few seconds, the coin is tossed on the table or on the floor. Students with tails up fall out of the game. Only those who consistently show heads remain in the game. Finally everybody has tossed a tail and the game is over.
Refer to the following information for the next three questions.

On a piece of graph paper similar to the one shown below, plot the number of students left in the game after each toss. Draw a smooth curve that passes close to the points on your plot.
What is the similarity of your curve with that shown in Figure 39.13 of your textbook? 

Was the person to last longest in the game lucky, with some sort of special powers to guide the long survival? 

What test could you make to decide the answer to this question? 

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