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A moving car has momentum. If it moves twice as fast, its momentum is ___ as much. 

Two cars, one twice as heavv as the other, move down a hill at the same speed. Compared to the lighter car, the momentum of the heavier car is ____ as much. 

The recoil momentum of a gun that kicks is ____ the momentum of the bullet it fires.
If a man firmly holds a gun when fired, then the momentum of the bullet is equal to the recoil momentum of the
Refer to the following information for the next five questions.

Suppose you are traveling in a bus at highway speed on a nice summer day and the momentum of an unlucky bug is suddenly changed as it splatters onto the front window.
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Compared to the force that acts on the bug, how much force acts on the bus?
The time of impact is the same for both the bug and the bus. Compared to the impulse on the bug, this means the impulse on the bus is
Although the momentum of the bus is very large compared to the momentum of the bug, the change in momentum of the bus, compared to the change of momentum of the bug is
Which undergoes the greater acceleration?
Which therefore, suffers the greater damage?

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