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The Atom and the Quantum

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To say that light is quantized means that light is made up of
Compared to photons of low-frequency light, photons of higher-frequency light have more
The photoelectric effect supports the
The photoelectric effect is evident when light shone on certain photosensitive materials ejects
The photoelectric effect is more effective with violet light than with red light because the photons of violet light

According to deBroglie's wave model of matter a beam of light and a beam of electrons
According to deBroglie, the greater the speed of an electron beam, the
The discreteness of the energy levels of electrons about the atomic nucleus is best understood by considering the electron to be a
Heavier atoms are not appreciably larger in size than lighter atoms. The main reason for this is because the greater nuclear charge

Whereas in the everyday macro-world the study of motion is called mechanics, in the micro-world the study of quanta is called


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