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MCAS 2005 Session 2

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A hot air balloon exerts a force of 1200 N while lifting a load of 800 N. Which free-body force diagram depicts the forces involved?
A 10 g sample of aluminum and a 10 g sample of iron were each heated by 100 joules of energy. The temperature of the aluminum sample rose 11°C, while the temperature of the iron sample increased 23°C. Which statement best accounts for these results?

The figure below shows regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Which of the following waves has the highest frequency?
A student combs her hair with a hard rubber comb and then hangs the comb on a loop of light thread that is suspended from a hook as shown below.
She immediately combs her hair with a second identical comb and hangs it on the second suspended loop of light thread. If the combing has caused a charge to accumulate on the combs, which of the following shows what will occur?

Which of the following best describes the relationship between frequency and wavelength of electromagnetic waves?

Five bowling balls are lined up touching one another on a smooth surface. Striking the first ball with a hammer makes the fifth ball move away from the group. The force of the hammer was transmitted through the line of balls as what type of wave?
A student is standing on a skateboard that is not moving. The total mass of the student and the skateboard is 50 kilograms. The student throws a ball with a mass of 2 kilograms forward at 5 m/s. Assuming the skateboard wheels are frictionless, how will the student and the skateboard move?
A man ran on a treadmill for 1,800 seconds. At the end of his run, the treadmill indicated his energy output as 240,000 J. What average power did he generate?
Which of the following is a similarity between x-ray waves and sound waves?
Which of the following figures correctly shows the conduction of heat within the system of metal blocks?
Open-Response Questions
  • Show all your work (diagrams, tables, or computations) in your Student Answer Booklet.
  • If you do the work in your head, explain in writing how you did the work.
Refer to the following information for the next two questions.

 The graphs below show movement over time.
A truck and car are on separate journeys on the same straight road. The truck is traveling at a constant velocity. The car changes speed and direction.
a. Which of the graphs best represents the truck’s journey? Explain your answer. 

b. Which of the graphs best represents the car’s journey? Explain your answer. 

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