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Sound Vocabulary

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Spelling counts! Read through the resource lesson and find these vocabulary words. This is a one-time submission, not view correct answers.
1. ____ waves require a material medium for energy transfer. 

2. A(n) ____ wave causes the particles of the medium to vibrate in a direction parallel to the direction in which the wave is traveling. 

3. _____ is the region in a sound wave where the particles are at a higher pressure than normal. 

4. A(n) ____ is a single disturbance traveling through a medium. 

5. The ____ of a wave is the number of waves that pass a given point per second. 

6. The ____ of a wave is the reciprocal of its frequency. 

7. The ____ of a wave is the linear distance between any two corresponding points on consecutive waves. 

8. The energy content of a wave is characterized by its ____ . 

9. When a sound wave travels through a medium it loses energy as it agitates the particles in the medium.  As the wave's energy dissipates the temperature of the medium increases. When this occurs, we say that wave has been  ____ . 

10. The ____ of a mechanical wave depends on the medium. 

11. The ____ of a wave depends only on the behavior of the source and is the same regardless of what medium it travels through. 

12. Sounds whose frequency are below 20 hz are said to be ____. 

13. A sound's frequency in the audible dpectrum is also called its ____. 

14. The interference of two sound waves of slightly different frequency is called ____ . 

15. The reflection of sound is called a(n) _____ . 

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