PhysicsLAB CP Workbook

Light from a flashlight shines on a mirror and illuminates one of the cards. Draw the reflected beam to indicate the illuminated card.
Which card would you see? 

A periscope has a pair of mirrors in it. Draw the light path from the object to the eye of the observer.

At what angle must each mirror be tilted? 

The ray diagram below shows one of the reflected rays from the plane mirror. Complete the diagram by drawing the three other reflected rays. (Assume that the candle and image are viewed by an observer on the left.)

How far "behind the mirror" is your image located? (remember to measure along a normal - that is, along a line that is perpendicular to the mirror) 

The ray diagram below shows the reflection of one of the rays that strikes the parabolic mirror. Notice that the law of reflection is obeyed, and the angle of incidence (from the normal, the dashed line) equals the angle of reflection (from the normal). Complete the diagram by drawing the reflected rays of the other three rays that are shown.  
Why are parabolic mirrors used in automobile headlights? 

A girl takes a photograph of the bridge as shown in the diagram below.
Which of these two sketches shown above correctly indicates the reflected view of the bridge? Defend your answer. 

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