PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Confined Gases

Directions: On this worksheet you will be examining properties of a confined ideal gas.

Question 1  
Use the following information for question 1-6 on this worksheet.
An enclosed gas of 240 grams of argon gas (M = 40) follows the process 1 2 3 as shown.

T1 = 37ºC and T2 = 657ºC.

How many moles of helium are present in the container?
Question 2  In which process was heat removed from the gas?
Question 3  What is the value of T3?
Question 4  If P1 equals 200 kPa, then what is the value of P2?
Question 5  What is the value of V1?
Question 6  In which process was no work done on or by the gas?
Question 7  The final three questions do NOT refer to the PV diagram shown in Question #1.

37 joules of heat energy are transferred to a sample of gas along path AC. As a result, the internal energy of the gas

Question 8  3.6 grams of water vapor (M = 18.0) are confined in a cylindrical container having a movable, yet 'snuggly-fitting,' lid that slides up and down to accommodate changes in pressure and volume. What is the average velocity of a water molecule (H2O) in the container if the vapor is at room temperature (23ºC)?

Question 9  While the temperature of the gas remains at 23ºC, the volume of the container is 0.074 m3. If the surface area of the lid of the container is 0.2 m2 then what is the magnitude of the force exerted against the lid by the gas molecules?

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