PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Speed and Velocity

Directions: On this worksheet ...

Question 1  A child is wandering through a park chasing a butterfly. Immediately after entering the park, he moves 9 meters East, 3 meters South, 7 meters West, 3 meters North and finally another 5 meters West.

The magnitude of his net displacement was
Question 2  Two cars A and B are traveling on an interstate which runs North and South (similar to I-75 on the west side of the state). Car A travels 360 km in 3 hours while car B travels 840 km in 7 hours.

Based on this information, which of the following statements must be TRUE?
Question 3  The word _______ implies that an event has taken place over an interval of time
Question 4  A car moving at a constant speed MUST also be moving at a constant velocity.
Question 5  You ran 120 meters at a speed of 5.0 m/sec and then you walked 90 meters at a speed of 1.0 m/sec. Your average speed was
Question 6  If a student runs one full circuit around a track, totaling 400 meters, in 62 seconds, he would have maintained an average velocity having a magnitude of _______ m/sec.
Question 7  Which of the following quantities is NOT a vector?
Question 8  A truck delivering interstate mail travels 840 kilometers in ten hours. Approximately how far should it have traveled 7 hours after beginning its trip?
Question 9  The position of two blocks at successive 0.20 second time intervals are represented by the numbered squares in the diagram below. The blocks are moving toward the right.

During which interval is the top block always moving at a faster speed than the bottom block?
Question 10  For a given trip, the direction of the object's net displacement and the direction of its average velocity are

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