PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Energy and Work

Directions: On this worksheet ...

Question 1  

The diagram above shows a 1.3-kg cat jumping from the top of a 1.7-meter-high refrigerator to the top of a 0.99-meter-high counter. Compared to the gravitational potential energy on the top of the refrigerator, the cat's gravitational potential energy on top of the counter is
Question 2  

The graph shown above represents the kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, and total mechanical energy of a moving block. Which phrase best describes the motion of the block?
Question 3  A 0.9-kg ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial kinetic energy of 130 J. What maximum height does it rise above the release position?
Question 4  

If a 1.3-kg bead is released from rest at point A, h1 = 3.4 meters, how fast will it be sliding along the frictionless wire shown above when it reaches point D, h2 = 1 meters?
Question 5  A 0.9-kg ball is thrown horizontally off a 17-meter cliff with an initial kinetic energy of 130 J. How fast is the ball traveling when it is located 9.9 meters above the base of the cliff?
Question 6  At what angle will the ball in Question 5 strike the ground at the base of the cliff?
Question 7  A 0.9-kg rubber ball traveling east at 6.0 meters per second hits a wall and bounces back directly west at 2.0 meters per second. Compared to the kinetic energy of the ball before it hits the wall, the kinetic energy of the ball after it bounces off the wall is

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