PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Fundamental Math

Directions: On this worksheet you will practice some fundamental math and data analysis skills.

Question 1  The metric prefix mega represents
Question 2  Red light has an average wavelength of 676 nm. How many mm does this represent?
Question 3  0.0054 meters when expressed in scientific notation would be
Question 4  Which statement is TRUE?
Question 5  Which of the following numbers has exactly 3 significant figures?
Question 6  What is the difference between these two measurements: 84.83 cm and 88.8 cm?
Question 7  What is the correct reading for the triple beam balance shown below?

Question 8  What is the correct volume reading for the water level in the cylinder shown below?

Question 9  What is the median of the following data set?

3.31 g
3.21 g
3.38 g
3.54 g
4.16 g
3.31 g
3.62 g
Question 10  The standard deviation that was calculated for this data set equaled 0.29 grams. Which value in the group shown above falls in an interval beyond 1 standard deviation but less than 2 standard deviations of the mean?
Question 11  Calculate the numerical value of the slope of the following line and then choose the best value from the list below.

Question 12  If this graph was retitled 'Mass vs Volume', determine the equation for the regression line displayed on this graph and extrapolate the value for the mass which corresponds to a volume of 0.66 cm3.

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