PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Working with Linear Graphs

Directions: On this worksheet you can practice calculating the equation of a line given two grid points, graph titles, writing equations with the proper variables, as well as interpolating and extrapolating data.

Question 1  

From the graph a student chooses the following two grid points to calculate the equation of the data's trend line: (5, 6) and (12, 24). What is the trend line's numerical slope?
Question 2  If the graph's title is Length (cm) vs 1/Width (1/cm), then what unit should be used to measure the line's slope?
Question 3  What is the trend line's y-axis intercept?
Question 4  When writing the equation of the trend line which variable, L or 1/W, should be substituted for x?
Question 5  Based on the trend line's equation, what is the area of a rectangle having a width of 1.083 cm?

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