PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Atomic Energy Levels and Double Slit Interference

Directions: On this worksheet you will examine excitation, de-excitation, and a review of the properties of double slit interference.

Question 1  How much energy (in eV) would a ground state electron, E = -16 eV, acquire when it absorbs a 431 nm photon?

Question 2  As a consequence of absorbing this 431 nm photon, what would be the energy associated with the electron's new exctied state?
Question 3  The excited atom subsequently emits visible light at both 431 nm and 645 nm. What additional energy level should be added to your energy level diagram to accommodate this data?
Question 4  At which other wavelength outside the visible range do these atoms emit radiation after they are excited by the 431 nm light?
Question 5  Two parallel slits 2.52 x 10-6 m apart are illuminated by plane waves of monochromatic light, and it is found that the 4th bright fringe is at an angle of 3.98º. Determine the wavelength of the light.

Question 6  Which order correctly represents the transformation in a double slit interference pattern as the distance between the slits is increased?

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