PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Vectors and Scalars (Honors)

Directions: On this worksheet you will practice with the basic definitions of vector and scalar quantities used in introductory motion.

Question 1  A bike messenger traveled 3 blocks North, 7 blocks East, 6 blocks South, and finally 9 blocks West in order to deliver a package in the traffic, congested city. If his trip took 43 minutes, what was the magnitude of his average velocity in blocks/minute?
Question 2  If the messenger in Question #1 could have traveled directly to his destination, what would have been the direction of his net displacement?
Question 3  The magnitude of an object's average velocity can ONLY equal the magnitude of its average speed when the object is
Question 4  A scalar is a quantity that can be completely described by stating its
Question 5  A family taking a vacation traveled 7 hours at 65 mph and then 3 hours at only 49 mph. What was their average speed during this trip?
Question 6  Which quantity is NOT a scalar?
Question 7  Which description of an object's motion is more specific: moving at a constant speed or moving at a constant velocity?
Question 8  A student warming up for practice travels one full circuit, 400 meters, around the track. Initially he jogs 86 meters at 1.5 m/sec, then runs 258 meters at 2.2 m/sec, and finally cools down by finishing the final 56 meters at 1.0 m/sec. What was his average speed?
Question 9  What was the student's average velocity in Question #8?
Question 10  During a 30 minute period of time, one car moves at a constant velocity of 45 mph, N, while a second car moves at a constant velocity of 45 mph, W. During this time interval, the cars would have the same
A. instantaneous speedB. instantaneous velocityC. displacementD. acceleration
Question 11  Two 30.-newton forces act concurrently on an object. In which diagram would the forces produce a resultant with a magnitude of 30. newtons?
Question 12  Which range of values correctly represents all possible values for the resultant in Question #11?
Question 13  On the ticker tape shown below, the position of an object is recorded every 0.1 seconds. How would the positions on the tape have changed if the object was traveling at a constant velocity?
Question 14  In which diagram does the plane have the smallest 'ground speed'?

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