PhysicsLAB Practice Problems
Advanced Vertically Released Projectiles

Directions: On this worksheet you will be solving problems involved with advanced vertically released projectiles.

Question 1  A flower pot is accidentally knocked off the ledge of the roof banister. If is takes 2 seconds for the pot to fall past an occupant's 1.9-meter tall picture window, how far is the top of the window below the roof?
Question 2  A projectile launcher, oriented at 90º, is placed 9 meters below a balcony railing. When the launcher vertically releases its pellet at 19 m/sec, a student on the balcony simultaneously drops an apple. How many seconds later will the two collide?
Question 3  How far above the ground will the collision take place?
Question 4  At the time of the collision, is the pellet rising or falling? That is, has it already reached its apex?
Question 5  A student drops a coin down a tall elevator shaft. If it takes 4.8 seconds for the student to hear the sound of the coin hitting the floor, how deep is the shaft? The average temperature of the air in the shaft is 19ºC.
Question 6  How much time did it take for the sound wave to travel up the shaft back to the student's ear?
Question 7  A drop of water falls from a leaky gutter, and 1.9 seconds later, another drop falls. How far apart are the two drops when the first drop reaches a speed of 19.6 m/sec?

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