Java Phys Math

Sadahisa Kamikawa
The Bouncing Ball Additive Colors
The Spring Pendulum Circular Motion and SHM
The Pendulum Kepler's Laws
A Two-Resistor Circuit Electric Fields
A Four-Resistor Circuit Rainbow Formation
Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 1) Reflections of a Longitudinal Wave
Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 2)
Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 3) Christian-Davisson College
Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 4) Internal Reflection
Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 5) Spherical Mirrors
Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field Two-Point Source Interference
Induced Current Doppler Effect
Light Dispersion through a Glass Slab Geometric Optics
Light Dispersion through a Glass Prizm
Total Internal Reflection Serge G. Vtorov
Single Slit Diffraction Double Slit Interference
Image Formation by a Converging Lens
Image Formation by a Diverging Lens Edward A. Zobel
Image Formation by a Diverging Mirror Flute
The Laser Thumb Piano
Interaction of Radiation with an Atom Violin